“If you were to ask me a few years ago, I cannot image I ever would be promoting acupuncture given my severe phobia of needles. However, I was suffering from migraines monthly and the pain was so excruciating that I could not function for 2-3 days per month. Given my busy lifestyle and that of my two children, I was eager and willing to try. I was referred to Aleksandra from one of her patients who spoke very highly of her training and her willingness to answer questions. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Aleksandra! I have not had a migraine in the last 10 month since I have started acupuncture with her. While I sought help with reducing the pain of migraines, there have been so many other life changing benefits that accompany acupuncture from better sleep to better digestion. The anxiety and stress in my life is also significantly better. Aleksandra has truly improved my life. I especially appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge and answer my questions. If you have reservations about acupuncture, I encourage you to have an open mind and heart and try it. I am very thankful to have Aleksandra in my life. She is a truly talented practitioner.”


Tara A., Whippany, NJ

“Acupuncture was rated pretty highly on my list of biggest fears considering I
have a phobia of needles since I was a young child. However, when your health is
at such a point that you don’t know where to turn, when Western medicine is not
doing what it intends to do, and when you have children to raise but feel sick
on a daily basis you tend to become more open minded. I was referred to Sasha by
my chiropractor and friend. Initially I went in because I had an earache in my
right ear that a CAT scan, ENT, general M.D., several bouts of antibiotics, and
many over-the-counter remedies had not been able neither to diagnose nor cure.
According to everyone I did not have an issue in my eustachian tube, or
any mass or physical appearance of anything that would be causing such acute
pain. At some point a dentist told me TMJ might be causing it but their only
offering was Valium. I began seeing Sasha late 2012 and within a couple months
that that pain had completely disappeared. Meanwhile because I had other
digestive issues that I will not detail in this testimonial I continued to do
acupuncture to help me both with sleep, and digestion. Although I am not the
picture of complete health, I can tell you that I believe acupuncture was an
integral part in an ameliorating a large percentage of my symptoms and making me
feel more balanced. I have no doubt that it has an effect on serotonin, I have
no doubt that it contributed to the resolution of my ear problem and TMJ, and I
believe that over all there has been an improvement in my symptomology since I
began seeing Sasha.  Her office is bright and comfortable, she lends an ear to
what the patient feels may be going on that might not necessarily be seen by a
specialized physician because doctors tend to look at parts of the body instead
of the whole (this I believe contributes to her success as an acupuncturist).
Aside from my own problems I also have taken three of my children to see her 
at different points. She has been able to provide me with herbal remedies for
such things as bronchitis, constipation, ear infections. My six-year-old as
well as one of my 12-year-old have had several needle treatments and moxa
treatments as well as cupping to help their body resist whatever issue is at
hand without resorting to medications that may have, or most certainly will
have, some type of side effect. Given my phobia of needles and my love of my
children, I would not put us all in her hands if I were not confident. I would
also not to write this testimonial if it were not accurate. As an acupuncturist
I believe Sasha is on point, as a human being she is lovely. Also for the faint
of heart she has small stickers with miniature needles that can be used on
children, she uses magnets, and other noninvasive techniques to achieve balance.
She can also advise you on nutritional issues and herbal remedies. I am pleased
to have Sasha in our life.”

– Cindy. C.P.

“Before I visited Aleksandra for my first visit, I was in excruciating pain. As a frequent golfer and weekend warrior, I reached a point of such agony that I couldn’t sit in my car for more than 15 minutes without intense lower back and hip pain. My right elbow was so inflamed from the golf swing that I had a hard time washing my hair in the shower. My chiropractor, orthopedist and physical therapist couldn’t help. I sold my car and bought a truck–in the hopes that a different sitting position would help. Then I went to Aleksandra. 

I had never tried accupuncture and didn’t understand the scientific basis for it, or the myriad health benefits that it provides. Aleksandra appealed to me on paper because of her academic background and her more holistic approach. But the results have made me a believer! After the first treatment, I began to get relief in my lower back and hip. After four sessions, my right elbow felt normal! I avoided drugs and all surgical procedures and felt a host of other systemic benefits that I never could have anticipated. I have been able to play golf with greater freedom and joy this season and have made treatments from Aleksandra a regular part of my health regimen. 

As a practitioner, Aleksandra has a nurturing and warm bedside manner that makes you feel that you are in very knowledgable and experienced hands. She truly cares about the overall health and well being of her patients and I am so glad that I discovered her. I have recommended her to all my golf buddies, family members and anyone who lives with chronic pain and other ailments.”

– Peter E. Clifton, NJ

“Dr. Sasha is a miracle worker. Get your attention? Good! I MEAN IT! I’m just some guy who was dealing with chronic migraines that just got worse and worse. After speaking to Dr. Sasha on the phone, I knew my search was over and found the right person to help heal. I had no idea that she would change my life, take the pain away, and put me on the right track again. Dr. Sasha all but immediately alleviated the pain, and after the 5th or 6th visit, dare I say, I’ve been migraine free!!! THANK YOU DR!!!!! To suffer the way I did and was, to where I’m at and how I live now is truly a gift and in my opinion, a legitimate medical miracle. I hope Dr. Sasha is supported and is a safe haven for clients, and herself alike, for years to come as she is the best natural source of healing I’ve ever come across. I’d recommend this lady to people from across the planet, let along a few miles away. Clean office, lovely neighborhood, and a kind and caring professional who knows what the hell she’s talking about Trust me on this, money well spent (didn’t have insurance) and you’ll never regret it. The only regret you will have is reading this, and not seeking the attention you so rightfully deserve. Dr. Sasha, I’ve haven’t written a review for any business in over a decade (although a few places are still waiting from me) but I felt inclined to do so because I truly appreciate your kind and professional service. Good luck, be well & best regards.”

​Karim D. NJ


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